Agenda Overview


The MetaCon is a must-attend event for any business leader ready to face the challenge of Metaverse their businesses and becoming the part of the new digital economy. The event is aimed at business leaders, and together with the most innovative cutting-edge technology companies, they are invited to meet the most innovative products and solutions as well as the skills required to help enterprises and industries join Metaverse.



• Building the Open Metaverse
• Predicting the Metaverse of Tomorrow
• What Could the Metaverse Offer 10+ Years From Now?
• Shared Worlds and the Internet of Blockchains
• IP, Licensing and the Legalities of the Metaverse
• The Future of an Immersive Metaverse



• The Road to Interoperability
• Building Embodied AI for the Metaverse
• The Next Generation of NFTS
• Building the Infrastructure for the Cross-Chain Metaverse
• 5G’s Role in the Metaverse
• The Characters That Live in the Metaverse



• Monetising the Metaverse
• Workspaces and Enterprise Collaboration in the Metaverse
• Inviting Brands Into the Metaverse
• How to Build a New Metaverse Economy
• Evolving Value Creation in a Metaverse
• How AR/VR Are Poised to Revolutionize Gaming

Call For Papers


Are you interested in speaking at Digital Transformation World Forum? We do not encourage or accept presentations promoting a particular product – but for breakout sessions, good case studies with transferable lessons are always welcome. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team ( ) for more information on sponsorship opportunities, including sponsored sessions (single lecture, full-day/half-day workshop day).

Calls for Papers Submission

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